What fonts can I use in Docx Custom Branding Themes?

Unfortunately, Xero custom docx templates are limited to fonts available on the Windows Server where they are created. The fonts that you can safely use include Arial, Helvetica, Cambria, Corbel, Calibri, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS and Franklin Gothic.

What fonts are available for custom Xero templates?


I don’t have Word, can I edit the .docx templates?

Unfortunately, no.

Even if you’re using Pages for Mac, OpenOffice or any other app that will generally let you edit Word docs, the answer is still no.

The problem is that the Xero Custom Branding Themes use Word’s Merge Fields feature to insert the data from Xero. Which (at time of writing) Pages for Mac and OpenOffice do not support. Which explains why you’re receiving errors when you try to use your edited templates.

If only Microsoft Office had a free trial period ?

Can I create my own custom branding theme?

You sure can!

You may have already seen this little video about how to customize the Standard Invoice Template through the Xero administration.

If you want to create your own Custom Branding Theme though you’re going to need to use Word. Xero TV has published a great video on how to make your own “Advanced” templates. You can view the video here.

Best of luck! If it all gets too hard you can always Order a Custom Theme from us too.

How do I install the themes?

  1. Open each Word Document and update the “Your Business Name Here” text
  2. Save each Word Document
  3. Log in to your Xero Account.
  4. Go to Settings > General Settings and select Invoice Settings from the Features section
  5. Select the drop-down arrow on the “New Branding Theme” button, then select “Custom .docx”
  6. Give your new branding template a name, then select “OK”
  7. You should now see a new table for your new branding template, select the “Upload” button
  8. Select the “Browse” button for each template (Invoice, Credit Note, Statement and Purchase Order) and upload the relevant Word Document template from this zip folder.
  9. Now when you create a new Invoice, Purchase Order or Credit Note select the template name (set in step 5)
  10. Good Luck!

For more (or possibly just better explained) information on setting up a custom branding template go to: https://help.xero.com/int/Settings_InvoiceBrandingAdd

Is this website associated with XERO?

Well, we use Xero for our own book keeping because it’s awesome. But, no, this web site is the product of Sixes and Sevens.

My fonts are not working

There are only a limited number of supported fonts that can be used in Xero templates. For the full list of supported fonts you can go to the Xero documentation.